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  • Flash Fiction- Closet Full Of Memories

    Flash Fiction- Closet Full Of Memories

    Closet Full Of Memories Sam decided it was finally time to clean out her closet. The only problem was that she kept getting lost in old memories. Like the time she made paper flowers using her grandmother’s stapler and scissors or the old stick horse she rode around the house. It was easy to throw […]

  • Flash Fiction – The Box

    Flash Fiction – The Box

    The Box Henry opened his bedroom door to find a box sitting on his bed. It wasn’t his birthday or even a holiday. Yet, there sat a box. He sat down next to it almost afraid to touch it. What strange and wonderful thing could this box hold? Could it contain a key to something […]

  • Flash Fiction- Seeing Yourself In Your Children

    Flash Fiction- Seeing Yourself In Your Children

    Seeing Yourself In Your Children Samantha and her kids sat in an impromptu circle in the backyard discussing deep topics on life. It started out as a simple question of if they thought God really existed and then expanded. “What if we are already in the afterlife?” her 11 year old son asked. “But is […]

  • Flash Fiction – Hit the Road

    Flash Fiction – Hit the Road

    April 29, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the phrase, “hit the road, Jack.” You can interpret the phrase any way you like — road trip, goodbye, or story. Go where the prompt leads! Hit the Road “Hit the road, Jack! And, don’t you come back no more…”  […]

  • Flash Fiction – Need To Get Up

    Flash Fiction – Need To Get Up

    Need To Get Up When I woke up, it was still dark. I felt so warm and comfy that I didn’t want to move. The day’s schedule ran through my head to decide if it was worth going in late or not at all. When I took in that deep breath I noticed how stale […]

  • Flash Fiction – What Is a Photo Worth?

    Flash Fiction – What Is a Photo Worth?

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is it worth when you find a picture of your wife with another man? I almost fainted when I saw the photo amongst all of the family portraits. There she was in that dress that she knew I loved with her arms around someone else. […]

  • Flash Fiction – Eventually They See

    Flash Fiction – Eventually They See

    It was supposed to be like any other interview but everything felt different. Nothing looked out of place in the man’s apartment and he seemed friendly enough. “Tell me about the first time that you noticed you were different.” she stated, picking up her notebook. “When I was little and my mom couldn’t see them.” […]

  • Flash Fiction – Teach Them

    Flash Fiction – Teach Them

    As children grow, they watch their parents and try to emulate them. Whether it be how they dress or talk. Maybe even the way they chose to live their lives.  Melissa firmly believed that her daughter would know everything she needed to know. Being a single mother wasn’t easy, but she managed to teach her […]

  • Flash Fiction – I Was Petrified

    Flash Fiction – I Was Petrified

    The light gets brighter, and my heart is pounding. Something or someone is moving just beyond the light and slowly coming towards me. I open my mouth but no sound comes out. I close my eyes and try to leave my body behind, but there is a buzzing sound like a chainsaw getting ready to […]

  • Flash Fiction – Hero

    Flash Fiction – Hero

    April 8, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that “rethinks the hero.” Define the hero, comparing or contrasting to the classic definition. Break the mold. What happens to the hero in the cave? Is it epic or everyday? Is there resistance or acceptance? Go where the prompt leads! Hero […]