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  • Poem – The Biting Phase

    Poem – The Biting Phase

    The Biting Phase He bites everything he sees From his toys to my knees Once he even bit dog Without any dialogue I told him “Stop what you’re doing!” But he just kept right on chewing The worst is when we are outside I see him biting things that are alive How can a toddler […]

  • Poem – Library

    Poem – Library

    At the library There is nothing more scary Than a loud toddler

  • Poem – Silence

    Poem – Silence

    Silence is golden Unless you have a toddler Then it is deadly

  • Poem – How Parents Really Feel

    Poem – How Parents Really Feel

    Hard to breathe Tightness in my chest The walls are closing in The pounding in my head Matches the rhythm of my heart I am not sure if I will make it til the end Wait It has ended What’s this? One more? Do we really have to watch Caillou again? I close my eyes […]

  • Poem – Toddler

    Poem – Toddler

    I can’t escape it The screaming The demands The way you throw things with a smile You keep me on edge When I don’t hear you I get nervous Then I usually find the destruction  You created in the silence I long for those sweet moments Where you give hugs and kisses But I always […]

  • Poem – Preserve the Peace

    Poem – Preserve the Peace

    Today’s writing prompt is the word Gingerly. I wrote a poem about my experiences with my toddler falling asleep in the car.