Flash Fiction – A Child In Mama’s Eyes

Mama had spent every penny she had to make me that dress. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I wasn't a little girl anymore who wanted to wear rainbow dresses, but a full grown woman who would rather wear a t-shirt and jeans. She didn't even have any source of income anymore,... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Last Meal

Prompt 5: Setting: Estonia Character: Autoworker Object: Bacon and Eggs Weather: Rainy Last Meal After tightening the last carburetor screw, Tony was officially done for the day. Just two hours past schedule. The rain pounded against the windshield as he drove. He knew that Estonia's Diner would still be open at this hour. He got... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Getting Rusty

Prompt 4: Setting: On a Fishing Boat Character: A Bull Rider Object: A Rusty Nail Mood: Interested Getting Rusty Rusty leaned against the boat contemplating whether it was time to retire. His body was starting to take longer to heal from each fall. Even though fishing was not his idea of fun, he still found... Continue Reading →

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