My First Poll Block

Poem – Muse

Hold me down Below the surface Of my own imagination¬† Crashing waves of My own inspiration Washing up over me Pushing up against The surface Of my limitations Float to the top With my aspirations  To find if I can breathe

Short Story – Epidemic

Everyone always thought Virgil Crank was such a curmudgeon, but the truth was that he was just a broken man. After the war, the world had seemed like such a different place that evoked fear as a means to control. Even the news was no longer a place to turn to for a sense of... Continue Reading →

Poem – I Write

I write to ease the pain I write to feel pleasure I write to get connected I write to escape I write to let it out I write to let people in I write to explore myself I write to hide away I write to make a difference  I write to feel the same I... Continue Reading →

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